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Client Testimonials


photo-38 I meet Tom at the UCSF Medical Center while he was visiting his Father in Law. We got to talking about what he does for a living and how I needed to quit smoking.  So we went for it right there in the hospital and I havent smoked since. Thanks so much.

~ Charles, Clearlake


I was having surgery on my nose and feeling quite anxious and a friend suggested that I see a hypnotist. I found Tom on the internet. After my first session the anxious feeling went away and I slept like a baby that night. I went into the surgery feeling peaceful and calm. Also I recovered quickly from the surgery with no pain or discomfort.

~ Frank B., Vacaville


Thank you for spending so much extra time with me on Thursday. I had the most calm objective attitude all day yesterday! I was able to think about what we discussed without getting too emotional at work. I absolutely cannot wait for our next appointment! I would love to see you every week but I need to figure out what I can afford. It might have to be every couple of weeks for right now because I won’t offer you any less than you deserve. Thank you again!

~ Alyssa G., Vacaville

I went at a time when my stress levels were reaching a breaking point. After a few sessions, I found myself relaxing — medical proof in lower blood pressure numbers — and able to handle my work situation better. I wasn’t sure what to expect with hypnosis therapy, but now I’m a firm supporter of this mode of therapy and recommend it to anyone interested in finding a calm place within. I never felt ‘controlled’, but eventually found myself more in control of my reactions to life experiences… and that’s what I needed. Thank you!

~ Ann B.

I am doing good! I have made a lot of progress with my anxiety with the help of the custom CD you gave me. I do appreciate the follow-up, I had a positive experience during the hypnosis sessions. I thank you for your time and help you have given to me.

~ Maria O., Sacramento, CA

Things are going great … been in touch with the blue oval a few times pulling it up my left arm to my torso. Amazing, no desire to smoke, even after coming home to a couple of fires to put out in the real estate yesterday. I used a different way of dealing with the stress besides smoking.

Thank-You so much for helping me, and I will definitely keep you posted, see you again, and spread the word.

You rock!
~ Julie Gridley, Vacaville, CA

It has been months since our last hypnosis session and I am continuously reminded, through my daily actions and thoughts, of how much your hypnosis sessions have helped me. As you remember, I came to you because I had an issue with weight, but with your guidance and probing questions, we uncovered the “real” reasons for my overeating and successfully addressed these issues. I am so ever grateful for the experience … You have put me back in control of my life.

Martha A., Sacramento, CA

Your professional guidance helped me become more cognizant of ways I can “self-hypnotize” like telling me to “go deeper” when I’m trying to fall asleep at night. Thanks again!

~ Tina

Extremely professional and does great work because he loves what he does. He is totally invested in the process and the experience for me was incredible.

Thanks Dennis
~ Ed, Berkeley, CA

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Details of the Recommendation: “I went to see Dennis a few months ago for help with coping with trauma in my life, insecurities and fear. Dennis is straight forward, knowledgable and kind. I felt at ease immediately. He helped me more than I could possibly say in one little paragraph. I highly recommend him!!!!”
Service Category: Hypnotist, and personal life coach
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value
~ Jacinta