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Vacaville Life Coach

Dennis Atkinson is a Hypnotist and Vacaville Life Coach

Vacaville Life CoachPersonal Life Coaching is not about psychological counseling.  It is not psychotherapy.  Personal Life Coaching focuses on the idea of wellness.  It is a collaborative effort to move a person away from a problem or issue and toward their goal of improving the quality of their life.

In personal life coaching the assumption is you are a client – not a patient … and that nothing needs “fixing.”

I work with you to move you in a positive direction and away from whatever is holding you back.

The power of your own thoughts and beliefs, coupled with mindfulness retraining and hypnotic are powerful tools in bringing about rapid, profound, and lasting changes.

Let’s say a person would like a happier and more meaningful life. Their personal goal could include improving their health and fitness, controlling binging and overeating, maybe losing those extra pounds, stop procrastinating, perhaps they would like to improve on their memory or ability to learn, experience inner growth and healing, understand the meaning of their dreams, managing negative stress, perhaps they would like to release that emotional baggage that holds them back from reaching their goal, manage pain and discomfort, improve on their spirituality … the list is endless.

Okay … So what is a Life Coach?

Fairfield Life coach

I think most all of us can relate to what is meant when we say someone is a football coach, or a soccer coach, or even a coach in a baseball game. In essence, it is a person who uses their education and professional experience to push us in the right direction so that we perform at a higher level. When we speak of Life Coaching, the meaning is very similar.

Life Coaching is a business that is future-focused, goal-oriented, and client centered.

A Life Coach uses their education, professional training, and life experiences to help a person determine and achieve personal goals … to get you to move forward … to get you to succeed.

I am certified through the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy as a Professional Life Coach and Professional Neuro-Linguistics Program Practitioner.